Ramp to Amp

brand identity, catalog, posters

Ramp to Amp is a student-project based on the guitar company Prisma Guitars. The company repurposes old skateboards into beautiful, vibrant guitars. In their unique process, they collect old skateboards that are unusable, put them together and cut out the guitar, then polish it. This process allows for the dies from the wood of the skateboard to show through, creating beautiful abstract patterns as a result. The brand is for music lovers and skateboarders alike.


Soonduk Krebs



I wanted the brand to take inspiration from the edgy look of the guitars, while feeling sophisticated and clean. I also took inspiration from their process of handcrafting each guitar, since the process is so significant in the brand. I also kept in mind that the branding should not not overwhelm the guitars, but to be used in a way to complement them.