branding & packaging

VVQ is a conceptual restaurant based in Philadelphia that serves to satisfy a meaty, barbecue flavor with only plant-based ingredients. The restaurant hopes to give a hearty alternative to a classic barbecue steak-house in hopes to help spread the message of veganism to an unlikely audience. I needed to keep this in mind in order to have the design be approachable and sophisticated in order to attract this newer audience.


Caleb Heisey


Austen Hart


First Place Logo

Best Overall

Tyler Restaurant show


The goal of the restaurant was to change stereotypes when it comes to vegan cuisine. In order to allow the restaurant to be welcoming, I took inspiration from classic barbecue meat houses for this project. I decided a robust and masculine vibe fit the restaurant well, offering my own twist on it to connect it to the restaurant’s plant-based concept.



The restaurant utilizes bold iconography and typography to show masculinity, paired with thin mono-line detailing to show sophistication. The brand also utilizes a stamp system that adds to the robust nature of the restaurant. The to-go boxes and barbecue sauces allow for the restaurant brand to be recognizable when taken home, and stand out amongst others of its kind.